Investment in Treasury Bills/Bonds and CPs

Provides a means to directly invest in Federal Government of Nigeria Treasury Bonds & Bills We bid for clients at Primary Market Auctions (PMA) offered by the CBN fortnightly for Treasury bills and monthly for Treasury bonds

We are also able to help clients fill their orders at the secondary market. Summary of benefits of an investment in Treasury Bills include.


  • Credit Risk – Free: Both principal and interest is guaranteed by the full faith of the Federal Government of Nigeria, hence default free.
  • Partially Tax Free: All income are free from federal, state and local taxes on local and foreign FGN bonds, but a 10% WHT is charged on the interest earned when FGN treasury is held to maturity.
  • Liquid: Treasury bills are very liquid and would be re-discounted if the investors needs cash and does not wish to hold maturity.
  • High Returns: Currently amongst the highest yielding investments in Nigerian markets today, and highest on a risk-adjusted basis.